Lin-Manuel Miranda pulls up with an audio gem. On Monday afternoon (June 18), two days away from the anniversary of Prodigy's untimely death last year, the Hamilton creator unveiled a previously unreleased Mobb Deep tune by the name of "Boom Goes the Cannon."

This newly unearthed track finds both Havoc and the late P spitting about the struggle, but seemingly from different eras. Havoc raps about "growing up in the slums" and being loyal to his right hand man, while Prodigy spits about combating Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War. Being that Hamilton, which is a hip-hop-infused musical chronicling the struggle of U.S. forefather Alexander Hamilton, focuses on the war, there's a good chance the tune was created in conjunction with Miranda's popular piece of theater.

"Boom goes the cannon, push forward, no fear/We gon' take the war, and run them clowns outta here," P spits on the hook for the song, which reworks parts of The Hamilton Mixtape track, "Right Hand Man." From there, he spits a verse from the perspective of President George Washington, who is also a character in the Miranda's musical.

"We are at war, no man is safe you can't hide forever/Die on the battlefield, or rise up and take power/It's 32,000 troops in New York Harbor, we out-gunned, out-manned and out-numbered," spits P, with the first part of this stanza echoing the sentiments of his opening bars on the Mobb's "Survival of the Fittest."

"Boom Goes the Cannon" continues a strong Mobb Deep-Hamilton connection—which is one that's been there from the very beginning. As Miranda himself noted in a tweet earlier today, the musical's titular character quoted Prodigy's "Shook Ones, Part II" verse ("I'm on 19, but my mind is older"). Salute.

Check out "Boom Goes the Cannon" below.

Hamilton Uptown / Atlantic Recording Corporation
Hamilton Uptown / Atlantic Recording Corporation

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