With Thanksgiving mere hours away, it's almost time to leave work behind and eat until we all pass out. But before that happens, XXL has reached out to a dozen rappers, producers and music execs to ask them about the true nature of this American holiday and find out what they're thankful for the most in the past year. From Mobb Deep's Prodigy to New Orleans super-producer Mannie Fresh, from ATL breakout star Rich Homie Quan to West Coast young gun YG, legendary producer DJ Quik to another making a name for himself in Harry Fraud, XXL spoke to some of the best, brightest, and sharpest minds in the industry. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. —XXL Staff

Just be thankful for life and that you're able to see another day. As far as being an American, we have so many freedoms over here that people don't have in other countries. We've got so much access to things. So be thankful for your life. Things could be worse so be thankful it's not. It don't matter if it's bad for you. If you're locked up for 10 years, things could be worse; you could be doing life. If you live in the hood and you don't have much money and you're struggling, things could be worse; you could be dead or in jail. You've just gotta look at life like that. 'Cause it can be worse. Trust me. It can be worst very fast.

Paul Rosenberg
I guess I would say I've really grown to appreciate how lucky I am and my company is to be able to work with artists whose music we appreciate so much and are able to figure out the best ways to share it with the world. And I don't want to sound all, "We Are The World" on you, but we really are so happy with the people we get to work with, and love the music so much that we're grateful for it. To be able to put out the Danny Brown Old album, Blue Chips 2 and the Marshall Mathers LP 2 in the span of a few months, that's fuckin' awesome, you know? [Laughs] Sometimes I'm like, wow, we're part of all these things. And as a fan I'm just like, wow, way to go, to myself. [Laughs] Just to be able to be involved in those things is great.

Young Scooter
Just the blessing that I’ve received; just be able to do this music and have people listens to you. It’s hard to get somebody to listen to your music, so that’s why I just got to keep it going.

Mannie Fresh
Oh, man... My health. My family, man, my friends, people who kept me where I’m at right now, that’s what I’m most thankful for. I know without family, friends, you wouldn’t be here right now, probably none of us. So I’m thankful for all the people around me, man, that work hard on making Mannie Fresh who he is.

DJ Quik
I am thankful that I can still serve my mom turkey and dressing. I am thankful for the fact when Thanksgiving does come me and my family all still get together and we have a good time. I'm thankful for family before anything else.

Pharoahe Monch
I'm really thankful for inspiration. I still feel like it's brand new. I still approach songs like it's my first time. I hope that I embody that "artist" word and I'm just eager to be enamored by that process all over again, that ability to think of something then have it turn into an actual thing, a tangible thing that you can play for somebody or somebody will hear. I'm still super enamored by that whole process and I'm thankful I still feel hip-hop that way.

Rich Homie Quan
I'm thankful for God giving me another chance at life. Me getting out of jail and turning my whole life around, changing it. I could've went down but instead I went up. So that's what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful to be here.

(Photo by Denisse Hernandez)

Harry Fraud
I’m thankful everyday to open my eyes man. That’s how I look at life. I’m thankful everyday i get to walk around and be alive. I could not be anymore thankful. Thats the most thing I'm thankful for every day.

Smoke DZA
I’m thankful for being alive. I'm thankful for my family still being around. I'm thankful for all the good weed I get for free. I’m thankful for my relationships in the industry I’m in and my good friends. A lot of things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my family. My homies, finna hold me down since day one. All my blessings. My situations that’s going on right now. Everybody that’s in my life helping me take what I am doing to the next level. Sickamore, Jeezy, Steve-O, Hope. My whole team. Thankful for everything. I am thankful for waking up every morning. It’s hard out there. I got homies who are doing life in jail and all that. I am thankful for everything.

Kidd Kidd
I’m thankful to still be alive. For real. I’m thankful for being alive because a lot of people around me get killed so fast. I am lucky and blessed to come out of my situation and be here. I am thankful to be alive and well and to be here. Recording to a higher scale that I have ever dreamed of.

Snow Tha Product
I am thankful for everything. I really am. I am thankful for the movement. I am thankful for fans. I am thankful that so far even though it’s been a crazy fucking hard road. 'Cause there’s been a lot of people involved that shouldn’t have been in a lot of shit. At the end of the day, the people who matter are the only ones who are sticking around. I am thankful that God is at least lighting the way for me to figure it out. And I’m thankful for my family.