After dropping his Selfish album in November, Problem is now gearing up for the release of a new project and drops the video for his latest single, "Stressin."

Produced by JB Minor, "Stressin" features a sample of Nas' "Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)" and deals with all the things stressing Problem out. The Mike Marasco-directed video finds the rapper pulling up on his block as he runs down his list of problems.

"Baby mama tripping off my new bitch/New bitch tripping bout my baby mama," Problem raps in the video before grabbing a blunt from one of the homies. The rapper continues making his way down the block, passing a man who's being arrested. The same cop eventually comes for Problem but the rapper is able to escape by stealing the officers car and speeding away.

Earlier this year, Problem announced he would be dropping The Separation 2 in honor of the five-year anniversary of The Separation mixtape. In January, the rapper dropped the upcoming project's first single, "Stingy."

Ahead of the release of Selfish, XXL caught up with Problem who revealed to us the meaning of the album title. "Well, Selfish derived from my attitude towards the music I was dropping," he said.

"I was definitely one of the originators of the ratchet turn-up scene thing and to be known for that and to be one of the ones to do it, you wanna keep going at it but I was changing as a man at that same time and I'm not doing some of the same things I was doing at the time and just pray that my fans understand the growth and the different things I wanna do and sonically what I wanna try, so it's like a double meaning," Problem added.

Check out Problem's new video below.

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