Music is free now, or at least that's what people born after 1988 are conditioned to believe. To combat piracy (and, now, streaming), artists have employed a variety of tactics to coerce fans into handing over cold, hard cash in exchange for new songs. Still others have eschewed the idea of selling their music altogether, instead trying to maximize their listener base and hoping they can make up the difference on ticket sales, merch and the like. Yet even among people in the latter camp, Problem is unusually aggressive. His current campaign of free mixtapes tries to angle him as a chameleon of sorts, melding what's always been a gruff, barking style onto contributions from some of today's biggest names. In any event, his latest video, "Feedback," is for a Bad Lucc-featuring song off Mollywood 3: The Relapse, a sprawling mixtape released just three days after its predecessor. It looks like it's been banned from TV.