Princess Nokia, who performed at the 2018 Coachella this past weekend, is back. On Friday (April 13), the New York City artist dropped off A Girl Cried Red, an eight-track project that marks her first since 2016's 1992.

From the very beginning of the entirely Tony Seltzer-produced project, even before that, it's clear Nokia's headed in a different direction that what her fans might be accustomed to. On the cover, she's rocking a smirk on her face and a gothic black and red shirt on her back as she gives the camera a healthy middle finger. It feels reductive to call it any one thing, but it's definitely pretty emo.

Exchanging bars for more drawn out, sing-song vocals. There's also a healthy amount of sarcastic lyrics about heartbreak and independence. "Smash my heart in pieces, it looks so good on the floor," she croons at different points throughout the project.

She also tackles things like depression: "Holding on to things I had, I bottle up inside/Wanna face my demons but denial makes me high/Thought I had it figured out, I guess it was a lie/Thought I was a grown-up but I'm really just a child," she delivers on "Your Eyes are Bleeding," a standout from her new project.

Check out Princess Nokia's latest for yourself below. You can cop A Girl Cried Red for yourself on iTunes.

Princess Nokia's A Girl Cried Red Tracklist

1. "Flowers and Rope"
2. "Your Eyes Are Bleeding"
3. "For the Night"
4. "Look Up Kid"
5. "Interlude"
6. "Morphine"
7. "At the Top"
8. "Little Angel"

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