Florida's finest are at it once again in the visual for "Undecided," a track from Pouya and Fat Nick's Drop Out of School project.

In the new video, which features bits and pieces of colorful animation throughout, the two rappers are in their element, cooling out during what appears to be a lowkey house party. There's smoking, there's drinking and there's Pouya and Fat Nick's quick-fire flows. It's pretty dope.

While Fat Nick is spitting, we see what appear to be animated blue strikes of lightning fly into the ground. When it's Pouya's turn to rhyme, we see flashes of animated fire, which is appropriate, since the first thing he mentions is blowing people's brains on the wall.

"I just came through with the fully loaded magazine/To blow everyone's brain on the wall
My friends don't fuck with your friends at all/Fuck the world, we gon' break the law/Fuck your momma, gon' break her jaw," Pouya raps in his verse.

Pouya sounds pretty ferocious in the song, and it turns out he and Fat Nick are pretty fearsome in real life, too. A few days ago, one audience member at one of their shows found out the hard way after throwing their cup on stage. Aftewards, Ghostmane challenged the fan to come up to fight, and the "fan" got stomped out as soon as he hopped on stage. Ouch.

Check out Pouya and Fat Nick's newest video below.

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