PouyaFat Nick and Ghostmane are not ones for the nonsense. They made that much abundantly clear on Sunday night (April 9) when they challenged a rude fan to fight them on stage before stomping him out just seconds later. You can peep a vid of the altercation below.

The whole incident began after one very disrespectful fan apparently launched a cup (some say it was a glass) onto the stage the "Torch" performers were rapping on. Needless to say, Pouya wasn't happy with the guy, and immediately challenged him to throw hands. The anonymous cup-thrower obliged, and, well, let's just say things didn't go too well. You can watch footage of what happened below.

After Pouya threw the first punch, the "fan" was immediately swallowed up by a circle of Fat Nick, Ghostmane and other people on stage.. There were punches thrown and plenty of stomping, and by the time the little scuffle ended, the guy had to be walked off stage. The audience was loving every second as they chanted Pouya's name several times before the video cut out.

Soon after, police arrived, and it look like Pouya might get locked up for the whole thing.

"I'm probably going to jail," the Drop Out of School rapper tweeted last night. In a tweet he posted a short time later, he included a picture of an officer at what's presumably his doorstep, along with, "FREE POUYA." In his last tweet in that series, he tweeted out, "cops let me go yayyyyy 💜."

See the video and tweets below.

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