Lil Za was arrested earlier today for drug possession during a raid at his good friend Justin Bieber's house, according to TMZ.

In light of the singer's emerging egg-throwing controversy, local law authorities were granted a search warrant to enter the crooner's mansion for access to obtain footage from his home personal security system as an attempt to catch video evidence of the vocalist vandalizing his neighbor's property.

In addition to taking in evidence, police also hand-cuffed Lil Za for felony possession of cocaine after finding the drugs in "plain view" while investigating the premises. This isn't the first time the rapper has had legal troubles associated to Bieber, as Los Angeles law officials say he has a reputation for recklessly whippin' Bieber's luxury vehicles.

Lil Za is a close friend of Justin Bieber, and often stays at his house despite rumors reporting he was kicked out of it before for similar drug-related behavior. Currently, Za is still in custody and is being held at $20,000 bail.

[via TMZ]