PnB Rock has always had a good feel for making bangers, blending his unique voice with beats that will turn any party up. He's at it again with his latest video "London," which features cameos from Skinnyfromthe9, 24hrs, King Combs and more.

The LouieKnows-directed video starts with PnB Rock speeding through the streets with a car full of women, then cuts to a pool party. He then parties, dances and throws cash with his friends as he raps his verses. More and more artists pop up as the visual goes on; it all seems like a great time.

The song's chorus is pretty much PnB Rock flexing about his current lifestyle. "I pulled up in some shit that make yo bitch go crazy/I ain't gotta like her pics, she know a nigga wavy," he raps, melodically. "Ice, water on my wrist that's why these niggas hate me/Gotta keep a strap, can't let these niggas play me."

In the first verse, he drops a shout-out to a famous jeweler, well-known for his heyday when he made grills for various Houston rappers. "Feel like Johnny Dang, diamonds on all my chains/Bitches be calling me/Whipping work on my Benz," he spits.

Last week, PnB Rock dropped his reflective single "Nowadays." He also picked up a plaque recently, as "Changes," his collaboration with the late rapper XXXTentacion, went platinum. PnB was also present for XXX's funeral and paid his last respects alongside the lines of former XXL Freshmen Lil Uzi Vert and Ugly God.

Check out the "London" video below.

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