Plies wants a raise for the McDonald's employee who identified Steve Stephens, who's now infamously known as the Facebook Killer after allegedly posted a video of himself killing a mechanic by the name of Robert Goodwin on Facebook in Cleveland, Ohio.

"This muthafuckin' message here for McDonald's. I just seen on CNN one of your employees thought they identified the goddamn shooter or the dude on Facebook and they held the muthafuckin' french fries and they ran back there and called the police and that's how they muthafuckin' caught him," the Florida rapper says in an Instagram video he posted late yesterday (April 18).

He continues, "McDonald's, give that muthafuckin' girl a raise. I ain't talking about no muthafuckin' 25 cent raise. I ain't talking about the little bullshit ass employee of the muthafuckin month picture inside your muthafuckin' restaurant. Give her a real muthafuckin' raise."

Plies, who recently lost his drivers license over a DUI arrest, goes on to criticize the franchise's owner Thomas DuCharme for being in front of the camera and allegedly taking credit for the work one female employee did by calling the local authorities.

The place Plies is questioning is a McDonald's in Harborcreek Township, Pa., where one employee spotted Stephens and immediately told DuCharme about their suspicions. Within minutes after Stephens ordered his chicken nuggets--just a bit after the McDonald's employees held him up a short while by saying they were waiting for his fries-- the police were right behind the alleged murderer, and during the chase, Stephens pulled out a gun and took his own life.

You can see both Plies' Instagram raise-endorsement video just below.

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