Playboi Carti didn't come through with his new project and a lot of his fans were pretty upset.

After getting his followers' hopes up with a pair of cryptic Instagram posts seemingly teasing his new album earlier this week—one of the posts said something was coming 48 hours from Wednesday—Carti failed to drop his Whole Lotta Red album at the stroke of midnight on Friday (Oct. 18). Naturally, his fans were disappointed when they couldn't purchase or download the highly anticipated LP. They responded by airing out their frustrations on social media.

"Whole lotta cap," one Twitter user wrote. "Literally stayed up until 12 just to get disappointed again," replied another fan.

Whole Lotta Red is the follow-up to Carti's debut album Die Lit, which dropped last year. In the year since its release, fans haven't heard much about his next album aside from his girlfriend Iggy Azalea's thoughts on the LP. Then, during a concert in Milwaukee, Wis. over the summer (July 28), Carti told his fans that he planned to drop his sophomore LP in the next two months.

"I'm trying to drop that shit in the next 60 days," Carti said onstage at The Eagle's Ballroom. "I ain't gon' lie. It feel like we worked too hard for this moment. So, I'ma do this shit with no features."

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Carti hit up his Instagram account and uploaded a pair of posts that got his fans fueled up rumors

"him < 3 red incoming," Carti wrote in the caption of his first post. "<48hours! locked in," he wrote in the second post.

Check out what his fans had to say about not receiving his Whole Lotta Red album below.

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