It's never a good idea to interrupt a rapper's show. That's something a brazen concertgoer found out quickly at one of Playboi Carti's recent performances.

In a new video uploaded to a Playboi Carti fan account, an unknown man is literally flung back into the crowd after attacking the 2017 XXL Freshman. The video starts off with Carti walking to the right of the stage to confront the guy, who appears to have come out of nowhere. Moments later, the Die Lit rapper's security tackle and throw the man back where he once stood, to the shock of all in attendance. It sounds like Carti is saying, "You know I got them hittas," as the clip comes to an end.

The altercation is believed to have taken place over the weekend at the 2018 Trillecto Festival in Maryland, where Carti took the stage on Saturday (Sept. 22). While it's not clear what the fan did to the Carti when he approached him on stage, it's safe to say it wasn't warranted in the slightest.

Playboi Carti's stage shows have been pretty intense as of late. In late August, he began tearing up as he showed love to his late friend, fellow rapper Fredo Santana, at a show in Fredo's native Chicago. "I miss Fredo like a muthafucka," Carti shared. The two lived together for a period of time when Carti first began hanging out with A$AP Rocky.

In other news, the "Big Bank" rhymer recently starred in a new ad for Foot Locker. In the commercial, Playboi Carti finds a heap of Nike gear in a recording studio, which takes him back in time.

Watch footage of the Playboi Carti fan being thrown off stage below.

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