Playboi Carti recently made a brief appearance on popular Kick streamer Adin Ross' livestream and left shortly after receiving a large bag of cash from Adin.

Playboi Carti's Six-Minute Appearance on Adin Ross' Livestream

On Sunday night (Feb. 4), Adin Ross promoted that Playboi Carti would be on his livestream. Adin even teased the show, implying that he'd spent a pretty penny to get the rapper on the stream. "$50k? 2 million , cash & a rari," Adin posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The interview, albeit brief, did go down, two hours after it was scheduled to happen. Carti, who is currently prepping his new Music album, showed up in a black mask he said he was gifted from Kanye West. As the interview begins, Adin hands Carti a large bag filled with stacks of cash.

"A little gift from me to you," Adin tells Carti. "It's a good amount of money in here. It's a lot amount of money in here."

Carti then gives some short answers to questions about his upcoming album.

"Mind blowing," he says when asked details about the highly anticipated album. "My best. My very best. 2024. Once again, thank you for everything. You know, I wouldn't be here without everybody. Thank you, again."

The rapper then unceremoniously tells Adin he is about to leave, just six minutes into the interview.

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Adin Ross Reacts to Viral Playboi Carti Interview

Upon Playboi Carti's departure, Adin Ross was left dumbfounded. He continued to talk to fans about the strange interview and even fielded a call from 21 Savage who questioned him about paying Carti $2 million, which Adin denied. Adin profusely apologized to his fans and also apologized to the owner of Kick for the debacle.

"I'm sorry to all you Carti fans, bro," Adin said. "I'm really, really, sorry. I tried, bro. I f**king tried."

He also said he had a jet scheduled to take Carti home and backend for the interview that he would no longer be supplying the rapper due to the stunt.

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See video of Playboi Carti and Adin Ross' awkward livestream and Adin's reaction below.

Watch Playboi Carti's Brief Appearance on Adin Ross' Livestream

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