Phresher might be New York's next breakout star. The Brooklyn rapper's "Wait a Minute" is quickly gaining momentum with no end in sight. The single is poised to take another leap in recognition thanks to a new remix featuring 50 Cent and Remy Ma. The remix maintains Phresher's original hook and verse, which are all about the turn up vibes.

"Big head Jimmy Neutron/Fuck a bitch on a futon/Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved/Nigga, this ain't Groupon/Do my dirt all by my lonely/All my bitches know we homies/If I pull up wit my bitch hoes better act like they don't know me/All my side bitches in check, diamonds clear like windex/One point got an index," Phresher raps.

XXL recently caught up with Phresher to discuss his newfound success. The rapper said that getting 50 Cent on the remix was an incredible moment for him personally and professionally.

"There’s no greater moment than this," Phresher said. "I got 50 Cent on my record. I have my days when I go in the studio and be very serious than I have some days where I just go in and have fun. [Making ‘Wait a Minute’] was one of those days. It was pure sophisticated ignorance. It was just real fun. I was recording a record and banging on a wall. I was just in that party mode.”

Phresher told XXL that he would drop an EP in November, but no release date has been announced. With a little over a week left in the month, Phresher will have to hurry if he wants to meet that target.

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