While America has had a few weeks to grieve the death of Michael Brown, the wounds still appear fresh in the minds of many. Many entertainers have expressed their opinion regarding the controversial shooting of the young African American student. One of hip-hop's biggest stars, Pharrell, sat down with CNN, to voice his disappointment regarding the state of Ferguson.

"I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in the way that it was handled from the government side," said the "Happy" singer.

"I think that officer should be punished. That was excessive force. That was excessive force. All those shots were, where those shots were...The idea that the child laid in the ground - he was a child. I know he's 6'2, 6'3, or something like that, but he's a child. He was laying on the ground for hours." he expounded.

A handful of artists have stood up in the defense of Michael Brown and his family. Nelly, Chris Brown, and Talib Kweli visited the city in hopes of subsiding the anger. J.Cole penned a song in memory of Brown, titled "Be Free", and performed the record on several occasions.

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