Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both held rallies in Raleigh, N.C. yesterday (Nov. 3). Clinton brought out Pharrell Williams to deliver a speech to the crowd.

The "Happy" singer spoke highly of Clinton to the crowd. According to USA Today, Pharrell said, “It makes me angry when people say she can’t lead our country because she’s a woman. How dare anyone question a woman’s ability? Every person on this planet was brought into this world by a woman. Women carry so much every day, including us for nine months. Don’t we call the planet Mother Earth?"

Pharrell also talked about how, for once, he'd like to see a woman have control over the nuclear codes. He said, “For once, I’d like to see [the nuclear codes] commanded by a woman who knows what it’s like to physically bring a life into this world … before she decides to take millions of them out." He continued, saying, “This country hasn’t always been fair to all people. But I think Hillary’s gonna help fix these wrongs ... I’m calling on all the women in this nation, I don’t care if your Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. If you are a female, think about what you can do on Nov. 8.”

You can watch a brief clip of Pharrell's speech above via Twitter. He closed his statement by saying, "So if you've ever been called a minority ever in your life. And I'm saying this for the Standing Rock Sioux, okay? If you've ever been called a minority, go out and vote and show everybody that you are actually really the majority. That's all I have to say."

Bernie Sanders also joined Clinton on the campaign trail yesterday in North Carolina. He stated, “I worry very, very much that this country is slipping into an oligarchical form of society where a handful of billionaires control our economic and political life."

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