Lil Yachty has responded to Pete Rock's jab. See below.


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Less than a week after dissing Young Dolph on Instagram, writing, "No matter what you say he’s hot garbage and thats the end of it. This ain't no argument. HE HAS NO SKILL," legendary producer Pete Rock has expressed similar disapproval for Lil Yachty, posting the rapper's Hot 97 freestyle to IG with a number of thumbs down and poop emojis. For Rock, who has produced such classics as "Fakin' Jax" and "The World Is Yours," the new class of rappers just don't have the skill set required to carry the culture forward, and as he did with Dolph, Rock continued to express that sentiment in the post comments.

"He sucks mud on a rainy day," he wrote, later responding to one fan who asked if hip-hop was dead with, "in america yes its dead. Across the water where i am its very much alive sir. Big time!!!" As for why the New York radio station would even as him to freestyle, Rock wrote, "they did this to play him out. They know he's trash but they want yall to see that he is trash lol." Finally, PR summed his stance up with, "they dont match the world that we live in making this kinda nonsense or not reppin the culture right. They breeding these stupid ass fans with no fucking brains. So we gonna have a world full of that?? Really???"

Dolph eventually responded to Rock, writing on Twitter, "Sumbody tell pety rock that Dolph said eat a dick and choke on it wit da rest of my haters," and Yachty has beefed with Hot 97 in the past, so while he doesn't take his critics too seriously, the young Atlanta rapper is likely to issue some sort of comment.

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