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Young Dolph dropped his Rich Crack Baby mixtape last week, and in the video above, he can be seen holding a listening session in Atlanta, rapping along to the tape's opening track, "In My System." The track's hook repeats the phrase, "I got cocaine runnin' through my motherfuckin' system," and legendary producer Pete Rock called Dolph out on Instagram for conveying such a message while a young boy is right beside him.

"What dat fool say?" Rock originally wrote. "Lil kid right there chillin cocaine running through his veins? This kinda shit has got to stop. We gotta raise children better than this. Damn homie." Rock goes further in the post's comments, calling for the mixtape to be burned, and pointing out that while Biggie rapped about drugs he did so with greater nuance and imagination.

"Yeah can rap about anything he wants BUT HE'S TRASH @ IT BRO," he wrote, engaging a follower in conversation. "No matter what you say he's hot garbage and thats the end of it. This aint no argument. HE HAS NO SKILL so who cares after hearing what dude sounds like. He's corny son. Cmon man! You gonna compare somebody dope 2 him??? Who side are you on anyway??"

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