Cardi B is already one of the hottest names in hip-hop but following the release of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, parents are now catching on to the Bronx rapper.

On Twitter, people have been sharing conversations they've had with their parents about the "Bartier Cardi" artist. One guy shared a message he received from his father that featured him snapping a picture with Bardi. "Whose is Cardi b," the dad wrote, unaware that the woman he took a photo with was indeed Cardi B.

Other dads weren't exactly sure how to spell the rapper's name, asking, "So who is Carny B?"

Even mothers are discovering the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, although they're having trouble understanding her lyrics. "My mom just told me she put on the closed captioning to try to “better understand” what #CardiB was rapping about. 'Something about a bag and teeth, Michael,'" tweeted one person.

Another mom was paying close attention tot the lyrics of "Be Careful" and her daughter was sure mom was getting ready to text her dad something to be mindful of. "Mami listening to ‘Be Careful’ @iamcardib and I know she’s about to text my dad some shit 😂," she tweeted.

Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album has only been out for a few days since releasing on April 6 but the LP has already been certified gold. The project received the certification thanks to a technicality which counted "Bodak Yellow's" 5 million units sold as 500,000 units sold for the album.

Check out some of the best tweets about parents discovering Cardi B below.

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