OMB Peezy is gearing up for the release of his first full-length project, Loyalty Over Love, and ahead of the mixtape's release, the rapper drops off his latest song, "My Dawg."

Produced by Dubba-AA, the heartfelt track is a tribute to all the people Peezy lost in 2018. "I just wanna vibe with my nigga/Pour one up and get high with my nigga/Part of me wish I would of died with my nigga/I feel like I was just in the ride with my nigga," Peezy raps on the hook.

According to Peezy, his year has been surrounded by death and he feels his listeners will be able to relate to the new song. "A lot of people in my life have died in 2018. I know that everyone loves somebody and they will feel this song," he tells XXL. "I express my feelings through music and I know a lot of people will understand what I’m going through."

Up next for Peezy, the rhymer will be dropping Loyalty Over Love on Friday (Aug. 10). Speaking about the project, Peezy reveals he's spent quite some time crafting the tracks that made the final cut. "I put my all into that," the Alabama-bred, Sacramento native shares. "I’ve been recorded that for almost two years."

As for the mixtape's title, the "Got You" rapper explains the meaning behind it, saying anyone would choose loyalty over love. "I feel like anyone in their right state of mind, or who has common sense would choose loyalty over love any day," Peezy states. "It doesn't matter how much you love somebody, that don’t mean they’ll be loyal to you. If someone is loyal to you, you got it all. Loyalty is deeper form of love than just 'love.'"

Listen to OMB Peezy's new track, "My Dawg," below.

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