You never know where life will take you. OMB Peezy, the now 21-year-old rapper, moved to Sacramento, Calif. from his native Mobile, Ala. with his family when he was 12. That big change helped him take rap seriously, with his 2016 record "Lay Down" getting him onto the radar of the inimitable E-40, via Nef The Pharaoh. A few projects later, Peezy, who signed a deal with E-40's Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment in 2017, is seen as one of more talented young acts in rap. Today (Dec. 21), the Loyalty Over Love rapper continues building his buzz by dropping his new video for "Ms Lois House." XXL's got the exclusive premiere.

The Mark Lee-directed video opens with Ms. Lois, Peezy's grandmother. According to OMB Peezy himself, his grandma has a heart of gold. "She was the grandma for the whole Orange Grove, she always kept her doors open for everyone,” Peezy shares with XXL.

In the video, Ms. Lois shares a few sweet words about her grandson, and from there, we see the inside of her home. There (and outside) OMB Peezy and his crew are remembering the days when they hustled out of her home. The shots are gritty and real, showing what OMB Peezy's past was really like.

On the song itself, Peezy raps about how he used to get to it at grandma's house. "Fo-fo's and some cocaine, this the dope game, I had to pay attention/Vees in these kitchen, whippin whole thangs/Tim on the phone, he in the penitentiary," he spits. "Nigga gave the people, my whole name and my rap name,I know nigga snitchin/On the wrong road to the rap came/with my strap game, I was never missin'."

Ms Lois House is a strong record, and expect more music from OMB Peezy soon. “I’m gearing up to release my next mixtape early next year," Peezy says. "It’s go-time for me and I can’t wait to share it wit y’all.”

Enjoy the "Ms Lois House" video below.

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