OMB Peezy may have been the victim of a chain snatching while performing over the weekend, but the Alabama rapper claims the allegations are false.

Peezy performed in Oklahoma City at the 2019 OKC Summer Fest on Saturday (June 29), on a bill that included Kap G and Yella Beezy. Things seemed to take a turn for the worst during the show. It appears, at some point during the set, Peezy ended up in the crowd. One of his chains may have been removed in the process.

Following the show, a masked man came forward on social media to take credit for taking the "Where I Come From" rapper's bling.

"We was outta there. So I walked up and I was like, 'Bitch ass nigga, we got your chain,'" he said. "Bro, he was scared, bro, 'cause he didn't have his security. Look at it, bro. Play that video. He didn't have his security. So he didn't say nothing."

Peezy has since appeared to deny that his shines were taken in a video posted to his Instagram Story on Sunday (June 30). "If a nigga don't know shit, a nigga know what it is with me," he said in clip.

He added, "Don't lettem lie to you."

OMB_Peezy via Instagram
OMB_Peezy via Instagram

Four months ago, Peezy was shot following a performance in his hometown of Mobile, Ala. He spent some time in the hospital before recovering.

XXL has reached out to OMB Peezy's camp for comment about the alleged chain snatching.

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