Gucci Mane ruffled a lot of feathers with his erratic behavior before he went to prison in 2013, turning friends to foes by calling out a bunch of people he was close to in the industry and apparently doing some others dirty. Now out and sober, Guwop has been able to make amends with a number of people he wronged. Former protege OJ Da Juiceman recently revealed he has no bad blood towards his fellow East Atlanta MC.

OJ recently sat down for an interview with The Progress Report, with host Lalaa Shepard where talked about his relationship with Guwop. As far as the two getting back together in the studio like the old days, OJ says, "I feel me and bruh can do that. Right now bruh on a mission. Bruh trying to get that bag. Bruh went and did a three piece. I respect the game."

OJ was one of the rappers who took the stage at Gucci's homecoming show in Atlanta last July. He added their reunion on wax has more to do with timing than anything. "Me and bruh gone always be on that turn," he says. "Even if y'all don't see us right now. Bruh gon' do him, Ima do me and when the time comes...what they call it, perfect timing is key. We gon' make that shit work. That's big bruh. Ain't no bad blood between me and homie."

While Gucci has made up with people like OJ and Nicki Minaj, it doesn't appear as if he and Waka Flocka Flame will ever see eye to eye. During an interview earlier this week, the "Hard in the Paint" rapper revealed he will never be friends with Gucci again.

Check out the full interview with OJ below.

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