After dropping his Texaco Muzik Vol. 1 project in 2016OJ Da Juiceman is back with his latest work, 32 Trenches.

Executive produced by Nard & B, 10-track project is a truly solo effort from the Atlanta rapper featuring no guest appearances. 32 Trenches features the songs "Imma Cooka," "I Do This Shxt," "Good Now" and "Living Legend."

A former protege of Gucci Mane, last year, OJ revealed there was no longer any bad blood between him and Guwop. Speaking with The Progress Report, the rapper said, "Me and bruh gone always be on that turn."

He added, "Even if y'all don't see us right now. Bruh gon' do him, Ima do me and when the time comes...what they call it, perfect timing is key. We gon' make that shit work. That's big bruh. Ain't no bad blood between me and homie."

Check out the tracklist and listen to 32 Trenches below.

OJ Da Juiceman's 32 Trenches Tracklist

1."Imma Cooka"
2. "Sonic"
3. "I Do This Shxt"
4. "Losses"
5. "Math"
6. "Get It"
7. "Good Now"
8. "Flex"
9. "Living Legend"
10. "Watch's"

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32 Entertainment

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