The Migos are still on a high following the major success of their hit single "Bad and Boujee," which became the first No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts for the rap trio earlier this year. As the rest of the world is still rapping the signature opening line of the track in clubs and parties, Offset is tributing to his group's milestone in an even bigger way.

The Migos member just copped a brand new piece of jewelry, which honors the song's catchy opening verse that rhymes, "Raindrops/Drop tops." The all-diamond chain is in the shape of a raindrop, and cost a whopping $100,000 for the rapper. According to TMZ, Offset recruited Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers to design and create the chain so that it would be ready in time for Quavo's 26th birthday celebration in Miami on April 2. Studded in 35 carat diamonds for the raindrop piece, as well as the diamond link, the item contains 65 carat diamonds in total. The Atlanta native showed off the jewelry in detail on Instagram, with a caption that read, "@elliottavianne N E W P I E C E A L E R T. RAINDROP."

While this piece belongs to Offset, hopefully his brothers can get pieces of their own so the group can celebrate their smash hit together. On the other hand, at least Quavo got a jewelry gift of his own for his birthday from the rapper. For now, Offset is certainly flexing on any and all of his haters. See a close-up video below.

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