Oddisee doesn't jump to conclusions. The rapper and producer is all about subtlety, all about patience, all about the kind of careful craftsmanship that has earned him a reputation as one of the finest hip-hop talents on the Eastern seaboard. In the video for "CounterClockwise," the second single from his forthcoming The Good Fight, the D.C. native wanders aimlessly, a blank expression painted on his face. He looks equal parts scared, calm, contemplative and anxious--in any event, he's nothing like any of the people whom he passes by. The vocal takes are more reassuring: "You know I got your back," Oddisee raps. "And that's just speaking facts." The footage flits back and forth, making you question your sanity for a second--but the MC is always there to assuage any doubts.

Prolific on both sides of the boards, Oddisee contributed heavily to Persona, the compilation album from his home label, Mello Music Group. He released two records in 2013, The Beauty in All and Tangible DreamThe Good Fight is due out May 5 and, if "CounterClockwise" is any indication, should feature the same blend of jazz and formalist boom-bap that has made Oddisee so beloved already. In addition to his solo work and his contributions to the Mello catalog, he has recently been in the news for his work with the returning Charles Hamilton.

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