After recently dropping a few new songs, Oddisee returns with a music video for his track "You Grew Up."

Directed by Eugene & Louise, the animated video complements the powerful lyrics, drawing out exactly what Oddisee raps about during the song. As he talks about growing up with a White friend who grew up to go down a different path, the visuals show the friend's style changing throughout life.

The second part of the video tells the story of a Middle Eastern boy who was raised in the Midwest but grew up to become a terrorist. The visuals show the boy change from a smiling child to angry adult.

While "You Grew Up" sounds extremely personal, not all of the lyrics are based in truth. During an interview with NPR, the "Look Around" artist revealed some of the lines were inspired by his life while others weren't.

When asked if the song's first verse was about his actual life, the rapper said, "Yes and no. I did start off my early childhood in Silver Spring, Md. And my best friend at the time was white. He was a kid who was really into going into sediment ponds and catching snakes and frogs. And that was my first interaction with a cultural difference and us being both very American."

In February, Oddisee released his 11th studio album, The IcebergDescribed as “a distillation of stereotypical tropes in hip-hop and beyond," the 12-song project features the songs "Things," "Like Really" and "NNGE (Never Not Getting Enough)."

Check out the "You Grew Up" video below.

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