Oddisee has proven to be one of the most politically conscious rappers of the last decade, and his willingness to critique the U.S. in his music has earned him plenty of critical acclaim. According to him, it also led to his being barred from Barack Obama's farewell party back in January.

In a recent interview, the Mello Music Group rapper explained that he was supposed to perform alongside Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Chance The Rapper at President Obama's farewell party, but he eventually had his invitation revoked because his music was deemed "too controversial."

During the interview, The Iceberg artist pointed to "Lifting Shadows" as the track that got him barred from Obama's farewell extravaganza. The song sees Oddisee take aim at Islamophobia. The hook, which Oddisee uses to say he loves the U.S. but "hate its politics," laid bare many of his frustrations with the powers that be.  At one point in the song, Oddisee even references the drone strikes commissioned by the Obama administration.

What's curious here is that J. Cole and Kendrick have also criticized the U.S. in their music, and they're a good deal more famous than Oddisee. It's unlikely we'll ever get actual confirmation on why Oddisee was removed from Obama's guest list, but the story doesn't sound implausible. In any case, you can check out Oddisee's latest album, The Iceberg, here.

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