The NYPD tells XXL, "There was no NYPD involvement concerning the cancellation of the show at Irving Plaza slated for Thursday evening. Please be referred to the venue and Live Nation for any further inquiries."

Officer Sophia Mason added, "The organization’s decision to cancel the event was in no way influenced by the NYPD."

Original Story:

Exactly a week after the Troy Ave shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City, the NYPD has allegedly cancelled Joey Badass' show at the very same venue. He said as much in the tweet above.

The timing is obviously significant in the immediate aftermath of the shooting that sent shockwaves through the industry. In the wake of the incident last week, people across hip-hop predicted it'd be hard to put on another rap show in a big NYC venue like that. Now it looks like they're being proved correct.

But it's also relevant that Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave had beef earlier this year. The two had been sending lowkey shots for awhile, but when Joey threw shots on a track earlier this year, Troy retaliated with insults about the deceased Pro Era member Capital Steez. It spiraled into shots on social media before Joey quelled his own responses. Seems like the NYPD might have had knowledge of their tension and decided to take preemptive action in fear of further violence. Either way, this looks to confirm the suspicions everyone has that the NYPD will use the Troy Ave incident as an excuse to shut down rap shows around the city.

Joey apparently plans to relocate the show, which was originally part of Governor's Ball, to the G Star store in Soho today at 4 P.M.

XXL has reached out to the NYPD and will update this post when we hear back.

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