Less than two weeks after Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus broke up, a music video for their collaboration, "Live or Die," appeared on YouTube.

The Labrinth-produced single is a pop-leaning love song, and when the young couple ended their relationship in a whirlwind of cheating accusations, Xan said on Instagram that he would prevent the video's release.

"Yo, sorry to everybody, but I'm X'ing 'Live or Die,' that shit's not coming out—the music video," the Redlands, Calif. rapper said at the time. "People love to just hurt me."

Xan also claimed that his relationship with Cyrus was a publicity stunt set up by Columbia Records. Noah, sister of Miley, denied the claim.

Based on the video and the nature of their breakup, it's clear why Xan and Cyrus might resist the visual reaching the public. The clip intimately captures the duo snuggling on a couch by a fireplace in a darkly lit room.

The circumstances around the release are unclear. Rather than featuring on Noah's official YouTube account, the video was uploaded by a user named Mxgnx, who has no previous uploads. Neither Xan nor Cyrus have shared the video on their social media accounts.

In any case, this is a look at what could've been. Watch Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan's "Live or Die" video below.

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