Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's longtime friend and producer, has decided to speak his piece on the whole Drake ghostwriting situation. If you haven't been following, Meek Mill called the Canadian rapper out on Twitter Tuesday night (July 21), saying Drizzy doesn't pen his own rhymes. After a sort-of-not-really response from Drake yesterday, 40 joined the conversation now, defending the T-dot native's craft via Twitter last night (July 22).

"No one is as talented as Drake. It's not worth my time. I need someone who understands song writing on a higher level," says 40. He goes on to praise Drake for helping to change the rap game as we know it. "We go beyond the normal boundaries that rappers want to sleep themselves stuck in. We've been fighting those rules from day one. If no one noticed there weren't many singing rappers in '08." According to the OVO producer, there isn't another rapper who can express themselves as vividly as Drake does, and if someone thinks he has a ghostwriter, they must be on something.

Shebib also explains alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller's involvement 0n If You're Reading This, You're Too Late's creation, saying Miller obviously contributed to the project because it's clearly written in the credits. Read 40's entire response below.

No one can question my involvement in drakes career. We have come a long way together. So let me start by putting something into perspective

— Noah Shebib (@OVO40) July 23, 2015


I can't count the hours that myself and drake have spent writing producing and recording music. Let's just say... 5000 hours... — Noah Shebib (@OVO40) July 23, 2015

I've spent maybe 30 min in a studio with Q. Nice enough guy, very talented... — Noah Shebib (@OVO40) July 23, 2015

If your asking if he contributed to if you're reading this... Yes, he did. You can also see that by reading the credits.

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