J. Cole once asked on "Rise and Shine," "Isn't it ironic?" and the rapper can now back that up with a piece of true irony, as he celebrates his third platinum single. "No Role Modelz" will join "Power Trip" and "Work Out" as Cole record to sell more than a million copies, with the RIAA certifying the achievement on Twitter Thursday (May 19).

Cole's career began very much focused on album singles, the Paula Abdul-sampled "Work Out" leading to "Let Nas Down" in which Cole laments disappointing the legendary rapper by playing to the radio and mainstream audiences. After his sophomore album Born Sinner dropped in 2013 to a lukewarm response, Cole came through the following year with 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, a feature-less record that has yielded Cole his own HBO documentary and a live album to boot. Ironic then, that by shifting his focus away from mass media singles, Cole is still able to go platinum. It's a reflection, beyond anything else, of the rapper's loyal fan base and the crystalized potency of that third album.

2014 Forest Hills Drive was certified platinum in January before the RIAA changed it's certification process to include audio and video streams, which do account for some of the sales for "No Role Modelz." Clap it up for Cole, whose recent successes include the title of highest paid rapper in 2015.

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