After KRON4 reporter Henry Wofford laughed at the idea of Diddy buying the NFL's Carolina Panthers, Nipsey Hussle came to Diddy's defense, calling out the reporter and threatening to beat him up if he saw him.

It appears Wofford caught wind of Nipsey's threat and responded on Twitter with an idea for a charity boxing or mixed martial arts fight. "@NipseyHussle I saw you on @TMZ saying you'll beat me down when you see me," Wofford tweeted. "Here's your opportunity.I'm old school and only fight for a cause. Let's raise money for the Black Community.We can box or go MMA style in a celebrity fight.Hug when it's over. Let me know time and place!"

While Wofford appeared ready for a fight, Nipsey wouldn't accept and fired back in a now-deleted tweet. "1st: I’ll beat yo white washed Samuel L Jaccson in DJANGO ass," he tweeted. "2nd: we rejected you from the Blac community after you COON’d you own people to try to fit in On mainstream Tv. 3rd: I don’t hug uncle Toms. 4th: you ain’t hard enough...& yo knuckles ain’t scared enough."

Nipsey eventually warmed up to the idea of a fight for charity but said it would have to be for $5 million. "I'll do it in between my album promo," he tweeted. "Teach this bitch a lesson and when I knoc cuz out he gotta play the story of OJ By jay z any time he on air."

Luckily for the two, it appears no fight will take place. While Wofford didn't respond to Nipsey's deleted tweets, the reporter did reveal the two spoke privately and hashed out their differences. "@NipseyHussle and I did it the right way," he tweeted. "Talk behind closed doors, get it all off your chest, listen to one another, and grow from the experience. There's not going to be a fight. I got nothing but respect for the man. Time to move forward."

Check out Wofford's tweets below.

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