Weeks before his untimely death this past March, Nipsey Hussle had some choice words for 6ix9ine in an interview. Now, the late West Coast rapper can be heard dissing the rainbow-haired rapper on "Rich Nigga Lifestyle," a newly released track from Rick Ross' Port of Miami 2 album.

On the song, which also features Teyana Taylor, Nipsey flaunts his connections to the streets before speaking on 6ix9ine, who drew the ire of the hip-hop community when he cooperated with federal authorities in his federal racketeering case.

"I can't name a fake nigga that was not exposed/How y'all niggas so surprised that Tekashi told?," Hussle spits on the song.

Nipsey's bar here echoes the sentiments he let loose in an interview he gave weeks before his death. Speaking with Big Boy on Big Boy TV, Nipsey called Tekashi a clown and suggested that the rapper was fake.

"The public should not even react to clown shit," Nipsey said to Big Boy, who had noted the way other rappers knew to ignore Tekashi's trolling. "The public should follow the real niggas, if the real niggas ain't reacting so y'all don't react. Put the dude on goofy time and just let him sit over here doing what he doing till that shit expire, cause it always gonna self-destruct, clearly."

Listen to "Rich Nigga Lifestyle" for yourself below.

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