This past weekend was a busy one in New York. With All Star Weekend, Valentine's Day and New York Fashion Week all happening in the same city, a slew of hip-hop celebrities flooded the Tri-State, and our timelines, all for the sake of weekend shenanigans.

But no other couple was more closely watched, or more obviously boo'ed up, than newly minted love connection of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. These two managed to outshine Diddy and Cassie, Kanye and Kim and Jay and Bey this weekend and so far, fans are eating it up.

Back in December, Nicki was sporadically posting pics of the two while maintaining Meek was just a friend. But after their co-hosting club gigs, court-side laughs and shameless IG P.D.A. this past weekend, along with the fact that Meek is now posting shots of Nicki, the two have pretty much made it official. Take a look at the catalog of Nicki and Meek's 2015 courtship so far.

How long do you think Omeeka will last?

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