The beef goes on. This past Saturday (June 17), Nicki Minaj delighted fans when she performed "No Frauds"—a Drake and Lil Wayne-assisted single with jabs at Remy Ma—at Atlanta-based radio station Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash concert. Remy had performed at the same event earlier that day.

Before launching into her performance, Nicki made sure to ask fans to "make some noise" if they ever had a "hating-ass, fraud-ass bitch in your life." From there, Nicki delivered a pretty passionate performance of the track, and pretty much everyone seemed to be loving it. Remy obviously didn't.

Remy was never going to be feeling the notion of Nicki dissing her anyway, but in a video she posted to Instagram that same day, she seems to be more upset with people believing she'd been in the concert venue at the same time the Young Money superstar was performing "No Frauds." Fans on social media reported that to be the case, but apparently, it wasn't.

In the vid, Remy calls Nicki out for fronting like she's tough before showing the details surrounding her performance at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash, which, "due to recent security concerns, "stipulated that all artists be escorted out of the arena immediately following their performance. Of course, this means Remy technically would not have been allowed to stay in the venue after her performance, which took place before Nicki took the stage.

"I know niggas is not out here trying to act like we were all in the same building and you was acting all tough and hardcorial," Remy says in the video below. "First of all, nobody even looks at you like that. Do you know nobody believes you're tough like that?"

In the caption for her Instagram post, Remy called out Nicki for the perceived "flop" of "No Frauds" and supporting her older brother, who's allegedly been charged with pedophilia.

"#WhyYouFrontingLikeYouDidSomething #YouWaitedTilHoursAfteriLeft #LikeUAlwaysDo #StopMentioningFelonsTilThatALLEDGEDPedophileGetOfTrial #NoFraudsFlopped #DrakeDidntLaughHePutHisHeadDownInTheVideo #TheRestOfThe3PackFromParisFloppedToo #WhyEveryTimeIExposeYouYouLeaveTheCountry #WhyDoYouHaveOnAFurInJune #InAtlanta #NobodyThinkingBoutYou #AndIMeanNOBODY #YouMadLonely #GetOverIt #SHETHER#???? #JustTakeTheL #WhatASoreLoser? #AreYouDumb #RemyMa #RemyMafia," Remy wrote in a barrage of hashtags.

This latest chapter of the Remy-Nicki beef comes on the heels of the two rappers offering up fresh new disses toward one another a little over a week ago. First, it was Remy who brought female MC's Queen Latifah, Young M.A, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, and Cardi B onto the stage at to perform “U.N.I.T.Y.” at Hot 97's 2017 Summer Jam before performing her Nicki diss "Shether."

A few days later, 2 Chainz dropped his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album, which includes his Nicki Minaj-assisted track "Realize." On the track, Nicki accuses Remy's husband Papoose of writing "Shether" while flaunting her own record-breaking success.

Where will the Nicki-Remy beef go from here? We'll have to wait and see, but it doesn't seem like it's about to die down any time soon.

Peep video of Nicki's performance and Remy's response below.

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