Earlier this year, maligned rap star Iggy Azalea announced her engagement to her boyfriend, charismatic Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young. But both before and immediately after that, the couple was marred by rumors of cheating, with Young reportedly spending a handful of nights on the couch in their shared home. One can only wonder, then, how his comments from Wild 'N Out will go over. Last night (July 8), the former USC Trojan appeared on Nick Cannon's resurrected comedy/hip-hop/variety show, engaging in the requisite rap battle and everything. (Choice punchline: "You just mad 'cause Iggy sell more albums than yours.") But it was during another portion of the show that Young was at his most provocative, when another comic asked the baller how his Australian fiancee performed "down under." After a long pause and laughter from the audience, Young cracked, "There's a reason why I'm with her, right?"

Azalea has come under a considerable amount of professional heat lately. Even last year, when the "Fancy" rapper was racking up digital streams and awards show nominations for her debut album, The New Classic, she found herself embroiled in online spats with other rappers, notably Azealia Banks. This year, a planned arena tour was delayed, then cancelled amidst rumors of poor ticket sales. Iggy also told a fan on Twitter that she had recently scrapped six months' worth of work on her planned second album. Most recently, the MC's comments about her Britney Spears collaboration, "Pretty Girls," not receiving the proper marketing push were met with veiled criticism from Spears on her Twitter account. 

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