Solange's new album A Seat at the Table has received a lot of praise since its release. It has also provided some inspiration for Nick Grant. The South Carolina was so touched by the album that he decided to create his own version - A Seat at the Table Plus One.

"I was extremely inspired by Solange’s project that it forced me to write," Grant said. "It enabled me to dig deeper within myself and become a more personal artist. I connected with her words and felt her emotions; hopefully my spin on the music will do the same for somebody else."

The new EP features Nick Grant rapping over four instrumentals from Solange's LP. Earlier this year, the rapper explained how something like A Seat at the Table sparks his creativity.

"I might just have an idea or be inspired by something I saw, whether on TV or experience I seen someone else go through or I got through and I might write it,” Grant told XXL. “Depends on what happens first. If I write it first and the beat comes or the beat comes and I write it. I might just have an idea and I write it in my phone or just open up a page and write it right there. I’m very technical with the rhymes, I like to write it down, and I’m a pen and pad type person."

Nick Grant has one more release coming in 2016. The Culture Republic artist is planning to drop The Return of the Cool EP in December. Until then, enjoy his Solange-inspired EP. Tracklist and stream are below.

1. "Demolition"
2. "Hair Care"
3. "Mad (the Breakup)"
4. "Fubu"

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