"The show must go on" is a phrase that should probably be taken more as a performer's mantra than anything else, because external factors like illness, natural disasters, family emergencies and beef can cause your favorite artist to cancel the show you just coughed up $80 for, and all you can do is hope you get a refund. It sucks, but some times something bigger than you or the artist comes into play, and often times, it involves your favorite rapper's well-being.

As the great Lupe Fiasco said during a recent mid-concert shout-out to Kanye West, being an entertainer can be mentally exhausting. "And to perform, day in and day out," said Lupe to a responsive audience. "And when you not performing, you thinking about performing. And when you not thinking about performing, you performing. When you not performing, you recovering from performing. When you not recovering from performing you gotta prepare yourself to perform again. That's hard."

Lupe was speaking about the entertainment industry as a whole, but he used his speech as a segue into a shout-out to Kanye, who had just canceled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour. After a series of bizarre mid-concert rants, Yeezy apparently suffered from what was described as "psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration." The causes of Kanye's nervous breakdown haven't been disclosed by any of his people, but it's easy to see how a long tour schedule, designing clothes, recording songs and raising two children can be more than a little taxing.

Not too much later, Kanye's fellow Chi-town hero Chance The Rapper canceled his last Magnificent Coloring Book tour dates in Europe, citing personal reasons as his motivation. Chance and Kanye aren't the only rappers to cancel shows in 2016 though. You can see the rest of the rappers who had to cancel their tours this year in our gallery up top.