Hip-hop in 2016 had its share of drama, controversy and storylines that are stranger than fiction. With every spectacle, rumor or beef, fans reacted with hilarious memes. The Drake and Meek Mill fiasco that spiraled out of control online in 2015 finally died down. This made way for new levels of meme hilarity unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of social media. The Internet jokes took on crazier twists as hip-hop fans became more creative with their editing skills. No artist -- big or small -- was safe this year.

Drizzy was surprisingly more lowkey on the meme rader than in the past, but he still slipped into the fold somehow. The always outspoken Kanye West found himself at the center of several meme cycles for his controversial rants on Twitter and at his concerts. No one would have predicted Beyonce’s Lemonade would set off a wave of questions surrounding her and Jay Z’s relationship, which would then inspire a stream of memes for weeks. Another rapper took advantage of the Internet's petty ways and used meme culture to his advantage to get his name buzzing again. The random nature of a veteran hip-hop mogul storming a radio station in April evolved into some of the best memes of 2016.

Any avid social media user knows memes come and go quickly. It’s hard to remember what was hot even two weeks ago because the next better thing is always coming to grab our attention. So we dug up some of the best hip-hop memes of 2016 for your viewing pleasure.

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