Most men have a guy code; an unwritten set of laws and morals many males live by. But French Montana and Drake have taken it a step further, establishing a specific group of laws that all mingling men should adhere to titled, The 10 Snipe Commandments.

French revealed the commandments via Instagram, which he has framed in his home. "These are the #10snipecommandments. Finally got it to my house. Written by my bro @champagnepapi and overviewed by me. The Rules We Live By... Disregard these rules if you're fully committed," the Coke Boy captioned the pic.

Some of the rules include, "Thou Shall Never Pillow Talk or Discuss Business With A Ting," "Thou Shall Always Be Honest With His Brother About A Splash" and "Thou Shall Never Tell A Ting About Another Man's Splash In Order To Execute His Own Splash."

The list gets even more specific with entries like, "Thou Shall Always Provide Splash Accommodations For A Brother Within His Household," and "Thou Shall Always Lie To Protect a Brother's Reputation Or Chance Of A Splash Conversation In The Near Or Distant Future."

Speaking of splashing, what's the word on Montana and Iggy Azalea? The two have denied having a relationship in the past, but all signs are pointing to them being an item or at least hooking up a time or two.

Check out the full list of 10 Snipe Commandments, above. And govern yourselves accordingly.

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