Beyoncé is getting sued for her use of the Roc-A-Fella logo. Dwayne Walker, the creator of the logo, says Beyoncé never asked his permission to use it in 2013's "Drunk in Love" music video. Walker claims the logo is prominently displayed in the video and he wants her to take it down or pay him for its use, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit seems to be on a shaky ground as the logo only appears in the video for a brief moment via Jay Z's appearance. The veteran MC is seen wearing his Roc chain, but the logo is only visible for a few seconds at most. Although it is Jay Z's chain, the rapper is not named in the lawsuit.

Walker has been pretty litigious about the logo, accusing Jay Z and Dame Dash of copyright infringement in 2012. A judge dismissed Walker's $7 million lawsuit against the two in September 2016. U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter said that Walker was not entitled to royalties under a contract allegedly signed 20 years ago.

For Beyoncé, this lawsuit is just a small blip in her big plans for 2017. The singer is rumored to be headlining Coachella alongside Kendrick Lamar. The rumor, which began circulating last month, claims Coachella co-founder Paul Tollett has already booked the acclaimed artists for the festival, which is scheduled to take place in April. If true, Beyoncé would be making her first performance at Coachella.

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