Soulja Boy is willing to follow his fans on Twitter for a price. The Atlanta rapper took to social media to announce that he would follow any Twitter user who donated to him via Square Cash. Soulja Boy has since deleted his tweet but not before a screenshot was captured, which you can see above.

The "Crank Dat" rapper is fresh off his Ignorant Shit mixtape, a collaborative project with Bow Wow. Soulja Boy spoke to XXL about the new tape, which he said required the duo's best effort.

"People just have this perception of me and Bow Wow. We have to go extra hard for our shit," he said. "If another artist do it, they’ll probably fuck with it off top but us, I don’t know [if it’s] cause we’re young and have money, I don’t know. We share that same theme — the media just be hating and shit. I told him, I was like, 'Look bro, you’re going to have to go hard now. You’re going to have to go hard. I have to try to kill you and you have to try to kill me. We have to deadass make some hot ass shit. We can’t drop no wack shit. We’re going to play ourselves.' So, we just went in the studio and went hard. 'Fucking Up A Check,' we just dropped the video. We’re shooting the 'My House' video next. I really like the whole album. You have to listen to it and take it in — pick your favorite joints."

Check out XXL's entire interview with Soulja Boy and Bow Wow to learn how their collaboration came to be. Ignorant Shit can be downloaded for free via DatPiff.

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