2016 has been a breakout year for Quavo. The Migos member has been impressing listeners with his guest appearances on a variety of tracks released throughout the year. This has also led to some more solo cuts from the Atlanta native, including his latest called "Shine."

The new song sees Quavo recounting the wisdom his mother passed along down to him. The 300 Entertainment artist knows those around him are coming for the spotlight, but he will do whatever it takes to shine.

"Growing up had to fight these niggas like Steven Seagal/You play with me now and I'ma shoot yo head off/Cinco gotta make the call/Just for the spotlight, I know niggas will knock you off/Quit looking at my life, get yo mind right/Versace my eyesight, I'm living the limelight/Not you/Is a nigga mad cause the spotlight not on you/I'm killing the game cause momma she told me to," Quavo raps.

Tracks like "Shine" are sure to increase the demand for a Quavo solo album. The budding star seems to be focus on his work with Migos though, so that might not be in the cards right now.

The Migos have their own new album to take care of too. The trio has been promoting their Culture LP for much of 2016, but the project seems no closer to a release than when it was first announced. Offset recently previewed some tracks off the album, but the LP still has no release date.

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