Kanye West can be a true soundboard as he's walking through the airport, surrounded by paparazzi from the moment he steps foot on the curb. While Kanye has at times been violent or harsh toward the feasting paps, a recently uploaded video by X17 Online shows the rapper not only engaging in a discussion with the loitering cameras but also complimenting the hoards of videographers and photogs who hang on his every travel and word.

In the above video, portions of which were made available on Twitter over the weekend, Kanye speaks on the file sharing fiasco and Deadmau5 fallout, saying that the image showing Pirate Bay in use was not from his computer, and on the recent tweet sprees that his wife Kim Kardashian recently came out in support of.

"I’m the guy that fully expresses himself and shows artists, 'look, we have a responsibility as artists to all the truth,'" Kanye says in the video. "Our skill set is to be able to see the truth and say it. Usually people’s truth are dimmed down by what they can lose by perception. And I really appreciate my wife and her family for supporting me especially in the past two, three weeks where people are like 'Oh he must be going crazy.' It’s so funny, all people got was truth, truth, truth. So if someone is considered to be crazy for telling their truth over and over over, what are we being fed the rest of the time? And I really appreciate you guys. Cause you guys keep me alive. You the paparazzi you keep me alive. Cause you keep me relevant. They can’t stop my voice. They can say what they want on the news channel, but I can just talk directly to you, [have] it go up and my voice not be stopped."

Watch the full video above, where Kanye additionally speaks on his love of Tidal and the natural hypocrisy of human beings

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