Chamillionaire is set to return with the next installment of his underground series, Mixtape Messiah 4. The mixtape will be available on Chamillionaire's personal Web site starting August 27. He recently hopped on Bangladesh's beat for "A Milli" (only the 87th rapper to...) to spit his freestyle "ChaMilli." The Houston star takes shots at Soulja Boy (what else is new?) and artists using Auto-Tune (how original!).

Lil Wayne's life is a movie, er, documentary. QD3, the director behind 2Pac's Thug Angel, announced he would be producing a project on Weezy titled The Carter, set for a 2009 release. The doc will chronicle the life and career of the Cash Money star. "Lil Wayne is hands down the Tupac of this generation in that he is a true artist, a world class writer/performer, and he's not afraid to push the envelope on any level, which makes him a true orginal," QD3 said in a statement. Filmmaker Adam Lough is set to direct [SOHH]

The Chicago Sun-Times reported over the weekend that Kanye West was heading to anger management classes because he was risking millions of dollars in sponsorships due to his blogging and public outbursts. So what did Yeezy do? He blogged about it! "No anger management," he wrote. "If anything, I need anger enhancement, lol." That sound? Millions of dollars going down the drain. ['Ye]---XXL staff