The 1990s have come and gone, and with them went a generation of some of the most talented women hip-hop has ever seen. Hip-hop has often been described as a young man's game—with the operative word being man—but today's crop of female MCs can give the Golden Era a run for its money. Nicki Minaj, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks and Iggy Azaelia may steal the spotlight, but the likes of Jean Grae and Rapsody have been killing the game for years. And while it's tough to single out rappers for their gender, women are criminally slept on in hip-hop.

With the New New, XXL tries to spotlight burgeoning acts who we feel haven’t gotten the shine they deserve, the up-and-comers who haven’t received the notice that they should be getting. On that note, the XXL staff has pulled together 15 rappers that we believe you need to know. It’s the ladies' time to assert themselves as heavyweights in the hip-hop world. This is the New New. —Dan Rys, Eric Diep, Eric Thurm, Christina Kelly and Jasmina Cuevas

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