Atlanta's Nessly links up with Lil Yachty for "Guacamole," which is produced by TM88. The track will not be off WildflowerNessly's upcoming major label debut project that is executive produced by TM88. "Guacamole" finds the two red-haired spittas rapping about getting money.

"Niggas heard I got the Benz and they right/They always say the truth will come to the light/Nigga hatin', I'ma cum on his wife/Don't you think I don't know where you reside," Nessly raps. The track was originally recorded a while back but Yachty recently asked to jump on the record after keeping it on repeat.

The 22-year-old upstart signed to Republic Records earlier this summer. Nessly told XXL that after meeting with a bunch of labels, he felt at home with Republic.

"As the underdog, [people] keep their fingers crossed that you remain underground, they are afraid of you gaining a platform where you can shine," Nessly explains. "There was no rush for me to sign. After meeting after meeting, I was searching for a home team, one where I know we'll make every shot and take home the trophy. I never came in with the intention to remain small and I wanted to make sure I partnered with the most focused and driven team."

He began to pick up momentum last year when he released his Solo Boy Band tape and Still Finessin EP. If you don't know much about Nessly, read up on him on The Break. Bump "Guacamole" below.

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