On Dec. 14, Nelly will take the stage to perform in Saudi Arabia. When he does so, he will be looking into a crowd of only men. According to the Washington Post, the rapper has signed on to perform alongside Algerian singer Cheb Khaled at the concert in Jiddah.

While the matter of only men being able to attend the concert has yet to truly blow up on social media, it's probably safe to say that, in an increasingly progressive rap world, many of his fans might not be okay with his decision to perform at such an event. One of Nelly's biggest hits feature the talents of a woman.

Recently, Nelly was arrested after being accused of rape in Washington back in October. These two situations occurring so closely together ​may be why some people might end up being upset with the rapper headlining such a show.

On another note, Saudi Arabia isn't even close to being as (relatively) marijuana-friendly as the U.S., and you can still face some pretty extreme punishment for having marijuana in the country.

Nelly's concert is reportedly a move towards normalizing public music performances, which have been, up to this point, significantly restricted. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to be spearheading the efforts.

Check out a promotional poster for the event below.

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