Nelly couldn't get to stompin' in his Air Forces Ones last week, because an overzealous fan decided to untie his laces while he was in the middle of a performance.

On Thursday (May 15), TMZ posted footage of the St. Louis rapper at his gig at Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas on Thursday (May 9), where the incident went down. As he was about to launch into his breakout hit "Country Grammar (Hot Sh*t)," Nelly stops the show altogether and proceeds to call out the culprit when he sees his laces were untied.

"Hold up before we start that shit! Baby girl, I appreciate the love, but why did you untie my shoe?" Nelly says as he walks to the DJ booth to fix his laces. "Look, I'm a grown man! You can't untie my shoe! That ain't no grown man shit! You made me tie my shit. If you trying to get my attention, that's something else but don't untie my shoe! Now I gotta stop to tie it up!"

Thankfully for fans, the show continued on. In the clip, Nelly seemed relatively unfazed after he got that off of his chest, and launched into a speech thanking everyone for their continued support over the span of his twenty-year career. The celebrity news site reports that he got back to the performance shorty afterward.

T-Pain fans had a similar experience earlier this year, but unfortunately, it didn't end as well for them. While the singer was performing at the B'Nai B'Rith Youth Organization (BBYO) Convention in Denver, Colo. in February, he completely ended his set after only about 30 minutes because he got hit in the face with a beach ball from the crowd. His team reportedly attempted to get him back on stage after he walked off, but he refused.

Check out the video of Nelly pausing the show over his untied shoe below.

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